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“A Mãe É Que Sabe” Feature Film OST


Starring: Maria João Abreu, Joana Pais de Brito, Filipa Areosa, Filipe Vargas, Adriano Carvalho, Manuel Cavaco, Manuela Maria, Dalila Carmo, Ricardo Azevedo, Bruno Cabrerizo
Director: Nuno Rocha
Production Company: Ukbar Filmes
Music Composer: Pedro Marques (Jump Willy)
Writers: Roberto Pereira and Nuno Rocha
Cinematographer: Luís Branquinho
Editor: Paula Miranda
Producers: Pandora da Cunha Telles and Pablo Iraola

It was a true pleasure working alongside our friend and film director Nuno Rocha, on his latest feature film “A mãe é que sabe”, aka “Mother Knows” in English.

Jump Willy created the original music score, in a film full of comedy, nostalgia, and old style family values. Opens in cinemas across Portugal December 8th 2016.

Have a glipse from behind the scenes at the recording of the track “Swing Variation”: