Jump Willy is a unique creative studio.

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We haven’t break a deadline since 2007.

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Every element in our projects is specifically hand crafted only for you.

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You’ll be able to follow every move of production as you were here.

Jump Willy is a unique creative studio.
Our multi-disciplinary team develops, conceptualizes, and produces custom made inspiring content in all forms of digital media for ads, corporate videos, branded entertainment and animation TV series.
Everything is hand-made and every little detail given attention.
We’ll go the extra mile to make your product perfect.
Founded in 2007 in Porto, we soon expanded to London, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong, working with dozens of brands around the World.
The extensive digital knowledge linked with a young awarded creative team sets us apart.
We mix our digital art passion with business.

CGI Animation, VR & Motion Design
CGI Animation was what founded Jump Willy, its in our heart.
Relying heavily on our long experience in CGI Animation, VR, and Motion Design our artists create nearly all visual elements in-house. The Jump Willy design team is proficient in the world’s most advanced digital tools, to be only limited by the human creativity and not the technology.
Jump Willy can tackle virtually any client request for motion graphics, CGI and CGI-VR animations and welcomes the most challenging of projects.

Music Composing
Music Composing is our most international work.
Its created from Porto, Stockholm and Los Angeles, for Film, Ads, Video Games, Mobile Companies Ringtones, and every composition is unique and is made with a true passion.
From orchestral scores to digital environments to 5.1 output, we can handle anything wild creativity trows at us.

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